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MO only uses that one as khajiit are un penis default to create the ones it uses. Easiest is to use the built ini editor in MO. So, currently none of your ini changes are being used.

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Uninstall those unmanaged mods then install them through MO. No matter thier position in either the left pane resource priority or installation order or the right pane load order. Remember that MO uses a virtual file system, it installs nothing to the game until the game is run through MO. So, MO considers unmanaged mods as the game and loads them before it loads any other mods.

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Also with MO, it manages bsa's resources for you. In the game without MO bsa's load first in the load order then loose files load, therefore loose files khajiit are un penis overwrites bsa's.

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MO does not do it this way, MO loads everything in the order of the left pane, so bsa's can overwrite loose files. This makes MO a very virsatile mod management tool, but having unmanaged mods can mess up how this works.

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Now that we have covered how MO works, your left pane is a horrible mess. The left pane should mostly match your LOOTed right pane. Unfortunately the left pane must be manually sorted.

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I asked to see your load order as well so I could compare your left pane to your right pane, but your left pane is in such disrepair that it is not needed.

The High Res Texture Packs are a buggy mess, do not use them. After we get your game running properly we can replace your textures with ones much better than Bethesda's anyway.

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But first let's fix your game. They have it as download for those not using Racemenu.

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I could care less what mods you use, it is your game play how you want.